Literary Gut Punch: From Lindsey Smith's Experience™

I've written about Lindsey Smith before. She's my literary soulmate. The PB to my J. We met while we were students in Sarah Selecky's Intensive, and have been pals ever since. Lindsey's writing is brave and unapologetic. It takes up space in your heart. Recently, her story Experience™ was selected by Lisa Moore as one of two runner ups in the Little Bird story contest. I was not at all surprised. Moore said it better than I ever could, describing the piece as "a canny, lyrical, post-modern, and clever story about romantic love" and the prose as "tight, crisp, and affecting". Without further ado, here's a pretty little punch that clobbers you right in the kisser.

That first time, do you remember? When you said, “Hey,” and leaned into the tilt of the café table to make sure I didn’t walk past? In that instant, I remembered the imperfect whiteness of my mother’s milk. How it looked and how it felt swishing around in my wanting baby mouth. I remembered it even as I knew there was no way I could possibly know anything about the imperfect whiteness of my mother’s milk. You said, “Hey,” and I regressed. Your voice made me do it.

Don't expect a cathedral, expect a brick: my feature on Sarah Selecky's site!

Hello to anyone crawling around on my site thanks to the wonderful, generous feature Sarah Selecky has up on her site! (You can find it here.)

Sarah gave me the opportunity to talk a bit about my writing process, and share an "open letter" to nervous writers. I also got to share an excerpt of a work-in-progress (or as Sarah likes to call them: Mysterious Middle Drafts). The response so far has been overwhelmingly lovely! I've received dozens of comments from people who have also felt anxious while quietly "collecting their bricks" and felt that my letter was empowering. Many people wrote to tell me how much they enjoy Eileen, the main character in the excerpt I shared. I swear this feedback is like emotional Wheaties: it's packed with so much good stuff, it fuels me!

Deepest thanks to Sarah for being so generous with her virtual space, and thank you to every person who read the feature, and who took the time to write such thoughtful comments. I am feeling the literary love over here!


Toronto launch for Neil Smith's "Boo"

I went to Neil Smith's book launch for "Boo" at Type Books in Toronto on Monday. If it sounds like I'm bragging, it's because I am. I felt damn lucky to be there, and surrounded by so many other wonderful writers too.

I've seen Neil interviewed several times (most recently for a master class in Sarah Selecky's Intensive) and I can't get over how unflinchingly sweet he is. That sweetness really pops and sparkles in his writing, which makes me all the more thrilled to spend some time in Oliver Dalrymple's head.

My idea of heaven? Spending time in Neil Smith's idea of heaven

I just read this early review of Neil Smith's highly anticipated novel, Boo.

I don't believe in heaven, but oh Mylanta — if it does exist, please let it be full of 13-year-olds, and built by the big-hearted imagination of a treasure like Smith.

Fun fact: Smith is the judge for Sarah Selecky's Little Bird Contest this year! And he's sharing all kinds of inspiration for entrants on his FB page.