Hi // I'm // Shannon


I like to write. I won first prize in the 2016 Lit POP Awards. You can read four of my stories online. The first is available in The New Quarterly. You can find another on Joyland.  (In fact: it was one of the most read stories on Joyland in 2015.) There's another in Matrix Magazine. And if you still love me, you can find my latest one at Found Press. In 2014, I won first prize in the Eden Mills Writers' Festival literary contest. 

I'm currently wandering in the wilderness of my first novel.  

What else? Hmm:

  • Miniature things make me cry. (e.g.: travel bottles of shampoo)
  • I'm can count to 10 in Swedish.
  • I graduated from the Second City Improv Program.
  • I'm vegan, and I try to help animals however I can, which sometimes involves having cormorants in my bathtub and coyotes in my car.
  • Watching dogs chew potato chips is, without a doubt, my favourite pastime.
  • I'm obsessed with the Toronto Blue Jays.